Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Living with Clutter

I picked up the hoarding habit from my Dad. Our garage was full of old tea chests, filled with assorted used spare parts from appliances and bits of tools I couldn't name. He hated throwing anything out, because he knew he'd find a use for it one day. If you look around our cupboards and sheds, you'll see he passed the gene on.

Twelve O'clock High

It's the same with my pictures. I delete complete failures straight away, but I'll keep everything else on my hard drive for months. I'm a believer that sometimes you just need time to see the value in a shot, and like my writing Guru JV says, "Your hard drive doesn't care how many drafts you keep on it." I'm preparing shots for a public screening soon, so decided to see if there was anything undiscovered in my early folders. I found this shot that I'd never really been ready to appreciate. Glad I kept it now.

One thing this exercise has taught me is that I really shoot a lot in portrait orientation, even my landscapes. Interesting. Speaking of landscapes, it looks like I've got a rather exciting shoot coming up in a couple of weeks.

Check back soon for the big announcement.

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