Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day One: Great Success

The pace is hectic, and its late, but here are a few shots from the trip so far. Can't let you see the A shots I'm afraid, but these give you a taste of what we're up to. We ditched the sunrise, but conditions improved rapidly once we got out on Otago Peninsula and it became another great day for photography here in Dunedin.


After a little mountain biking, I took the team to my favourite ruin, while the crew filmed us shooting and swapping tips. Here's the stills crew: Camilla, Neerav, Jules and the one looking scarily like my Dad, well that's me.

Jules Lund Stills Crew

After an elegant repast at Larnach Castle, we departed with Elm Wildlife tours to spend some times with the Yellow eyed penguins and Hookers Sealions that call our little patch of the Peninsula home.

Hoiho - Yellow eyed Penguin

Hookers Sealion

This morning feels like a week ago. Batteries charged, shots downloaded. Time to pack for the big adventure tomorrow. And that picture tells me I've got to get some beauty sleep.

Flying to Stewart Island tomorrow, so it may be a day or so before I report back. Should have some fun stuff to share by then.

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