Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meet Some Friends Of Mine

My upcoming tour of Otago and Southland is to accompany the winner of the Canon 100% photography competition. I'm not sure who that's going to be yet, but I hope they're bringing some thermals. After several weeks of summer temperatures in the high 20's, a southerly blast is now lashing the new scarfies (university students) and fashionistas in town for ID fashion week (which my lucky mate Mike McQueen is shooting).

What I do know is that we'll be accompanied by travel and technology writer Neerav Bhatt. Neerav's a prodigious blogger, and you should check him out here. As well as a bunch of great gear lent by Canon from the trip, we're hoping to get our hands on their new 550D for Neerav to review.

Right now I'm also racing to put together some shots for a little show I'm putting on with Mike, Reatha Kenny and Mike Thorsen. Together we've formed an informal project-based group called The Light Brigade. Reatha has amazing skills at shooting people, some of which you can see here. I'm stoked to add that we've just been joined by my old mate Lindsay (Sid) Somerville. Lindsay's a seasoned pro, and you shouldn't let the fact that he and I have played in a couple of bands together stop you from checking out his stuff.

The little show? More on that later. Meanwhile, here's one of the shots I'm thinking of including.

Death, Baby


  1. Looking forward to meeting you Clive :)

    I had a peek at the Canon equipment list and it's all high end equipment, no sign of the 550D :-(

    I will be bringing along my own newly purchased Canon S90 as a pocketable camera (see review at which will hopefully be delivered by courier before I leave for the trip!

  2. Boy that's a glowing review! Looks nice, although I'd like to see smaller cameras offer hot shoes or some other means for people to get into strobist shooting.

    Shame about the 550. I'll try and pick the gear up from Heather on Friday and go over it all before the shoot.

  3. 550D is a late addition to the equipment list :)

  4. It'll be great to see. I'm just glad it doesn't have a higher frame rate or I'd be kicking myself for getting the 7D!