Saturday, March 27, 2010

Coming Soon...

My tour of Southland and Otago's photourist hotspots with the Jules Lund crew was done at a hectic pace, much of our destinations off the grid as far as uploading updates goes. Even when we were within 3G range, we were running and gunning too hard to share much from the road.

Helo over Mountain

CC & Anna Thomas

Now I'm home, I'm taking a look through some of my stuff, already reliving the great time we had. I'll be posting some of it soon but first I'd just like to thank all the folks who made it possible - Heather Mollins and Tourism Dunedin, Tourism New Zelanand, Venture Southland and Canon Australia. My special thanks goes to all the local operators who made our trip so amazing. Their dedication to providing a great experience as well as protecting and enhancing our precious natural assets was inspiring. It makes me proud to think that our international visitors can have these great experiences packaged in such a warm, personal Kiwi touch.

Jules light painting

Lastly, what a revelation Jules Lund was. I'd never even seen the guy on telly before, but I gather he's quite a star back home and deservedly so. I used to front TV many moons ago and know it's not as easy as it looks. Jules is a real pro. Always working, wonderfully energised and up for anything, he's a natural presenter. He is also a gifted photographer. For a guy so eager to learn from others, he sure has a lot of skill and a great eye. To see such dedication and talent in a guy who is also genuinely unaffected by the TV biz, approachable, modest and warm, well it just lead me to the conclusion that the rest of us mortals must band together to take him out. His pathetic attempts to light paint "NZ" on our night in Mason's Bay homestead were the only thing that made us take pity on him. Otherwise we'd have clubbed him to death with our long lenses and left his youthful, well-proportioned body in the dunes.

Right, unpacking to do and many Gigs of pix to look at. But first, my Saturday violin lesson.

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