Friday, March 12, 2010

Let Me Be Your Guide


OK, exciting news: In a week's time I'll be hitting the road as photography guide with some Aussies and a TV crew travelling through Dunedin and parts of Southland. We'll spend the week walking, driving and choppering into places like Otago Peninsula, Stewart Island and Milford Sound to take pictures. I'm honoured to have been chosen, and I'm excited about being able to promote my beautiful region in the best way I know.

We'll be using some top-of-the-line gear supplied courtesy of Canon Australia, blogging and tweeting about what we do and see along the way. We'll literally start the trip in my back yard, Otago Peninsula so here's a shot looking back down the peninsula to my neighbourhood (extreme R) and the rest of town.

I also booked another hair fashion shoot with my friends from Sliver Salon for April, have been approached to shoot an album cover for one of my favourite local bands, and have some scripts on offer. Not a bad week, really.

More details about the trip to come.

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