Sunday, March 21, 2010

Southern Safari

Jetty 4

Day one of our 100% Photgraphy Southern Photo Safari! We're supposed to start with a sunrise at St Clair, so I went down yesterday for a little recce to see what we could do. The weather is not cooperating, so the sunrise was subtle and fleeting.

Jetty 2

Jetty 3 (after Mike Thorsen)

Conditions like this force us to be creative, so I don't really have a problem with taking the gang out for this kind of thing. But now it's raining and I've heard we've scratched the beach shoot. Probably a good idea. I'll find out what the new plan is over breakfast. Improvising! I love it. It's going to be an exciting day.

Jetty Blur

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  1. good to see that 'available light' still rules even in the digital age! :>