Monday, February 15, 2010

Permission Granted

So here, courtesy of Dunedin Public Art Gallery, are a few finished shots from last week's shoot.

All'e Same T'e Pakeha

The Goldie is one of DPAG's most popular works. It's a Kiwi icon, and I had "American Gothic" in mind with my setup for the shot. My models were kneeling for this, to cheat the angles, since the painting is hung rather low.

Waterfall in the Otira Gorge

Another popular one, the Van der Velden. I originally included another foreground doorway, but the double foreground started to overwhelm the painting rather than frame it. It also stretched my chain of radio and optical triggers to the maximum!

La debacle

With time up our sleeves, we decided to do something with the Monet. Again, Tim was kneeling for the shot to cheat the angle here. I was wary of the double shadow on the frame, but ended up liking the balance and 3D effect it gave the painting . Found Art, like my old writing Guru John Vorhaus says.

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