Monday, February 8, 2010

The Wedding Biz

There are two types of photographers out there: The ones who love weddings, and the ones who run a mile from them. I can sympathise with both.


On the pro side, weddings can be pretty lucrative gigs when you make a name for yourself. On the con side, wedding photos are pretty important to a client, and you want to deliver a good product so much that there can be a fair bit of stress all round. I'm lucky enough to have had wonderful and relaxed clients so far, so you can count me in the first group. Wedding shooting is this great mix of documentary-observational shooting and formal portraiture. I guess the observational part comes easiest to me, having worked in documentaries for so long.

White roses

The formal and creative parts are where the biggest and most exciting challenges are. Arranging everyone naturally, avoiding cliches and making sure everything is to the highest technical standards all take time, and when you're working with groups on location, time is what you often have little of. Every shoot is a lesson. These shots came from a wonderful wedding I covered at the end of January. The wedding biz can eat your weekends, but the rewards are many.

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