Monday, February 8, 2010

Coffee Contra

The other day I had a nice email from Andrew Lane at Cerebos Greggs. Andrew was taking part in an in-house competition, had found one of my pictures on Flickr and was aksing permission to use it. Here's the shot:

The Greggs Brand

It's Dunedin's Gregg's coffee factory, taken last autumn on one of my early night shoots. I was happy to let Andrew use the shot for a one-off event, and in return, a goodie box of fine Cerebos Greggs products arrived with today's mail - sauces, teas, coffees and to the delight of my number one model and lighting assistant, jelly. Thanks Andrew, I love contra deals.

It's nice to be asked permission to use a shot. I'm nearly always likely to grant it for free or a small consideration depending on the use. If you're not sure, just check. And remember, I can be hired and nearly all of my work can be bought. If you don't have single malts, BBQ sauce or rock salt to barter, don't worry. Like my Dad used to say: "Cash never offends".

Must take some pictures of the local breweries ASAP.


  1. Even half a century later the smell of that factory propells me back to Kelsey Kindergarten on the oter side of the Lieth.

  2. I know what you mean Mike. One waft of Gregg's and I'm transported back to my scarfie days.