Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tunnel Beach

Tunnel Beach WS

It was another of those fine clear winter days in Dunedin, so I took the family for a walk to Tunnel Beach. Ali couldn't believe I've never actually been there before. I dunno, I'm just not the beach kind, and it never really appealed.

Walk to Tunnel Tunnel Lookouts

It's a cool place. A bunch of eroded sandstone cliffs that get plenty of visitors.

Tunnel Jump

The tunnel down to the beach was cut by entrepreneur and publican John Cargill in the 1870's. When we got down there, the low winter sun made it a great time to try a bit of cross lighting. Unfortunately for me, Georgia wasn't a very willing model or lightstand, so I got the hang of it with a few quick experimental shots, but nothing I really love yet.

George races the waves

Tunnel George 1

The caves and foot of the cliffs other nice spots to practice balancing flash with ambient. Again, I only had time to get the hang of things before the girls were off somewhere else.

Tunnel Beach Cave Tunnel Cliffs

Tunnel Cliffs Georgia

Nice walk, some progress made with the photography. Then it was time to head for the tunnel back up to the car park. Yet again, the girls were in to mood to hang around and wait for me to get the perfect exposure, so I had to make my obligatory tunnel shot out of a composite. Oh well, it was a nice day.


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