Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The High Life

The High Life

I love the Southern Alps. The landforms, the weather, the flora and fauna. I guess that's one of the big attractions of skiing for me, and Treble Cone has it all.

Treble Chopper

The weather has been consistently good for nearly ten days, something quite rare. Even more surprisingly, the snow has stayed in great condition, so I've skied just about every day, and not taken as many pictures as I'd have liked.

Spaniard Shadow

I've missed capturing some great stuff... the sunrises, half-seen machinery in the clouds, high country sheep clustered on a salt lick... but I have managed to get a few icons, like the spaniard grasses and keas.

Spaniard FlowerSpaniard 1Last Years Model

I'd love to come back some time, just to put what I've learned here into practice. I'll get up earlier, play the light better, get my shots sharper. But now it's time to leave the alps and head home.

Kea Hop

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