Friday, July 17, 2009

Otago Wildlife Photography Competition 2009

Tree Frog

Okay, I know it's hard to shoot wildlife in winter, but everyone with a shutter finger should be thinking about the Otago Wildlife Photography Competition 2009.

You can find all the details by clicking on the link, but here's the headline: $1500 worth of prizes.

Any amateur can enter enter any of their shots taken after 1 January 2008. That's great if you've got a good one in your archive and don't like going out in cold weather, but here's my advice: Put on some thermals and get shooting. My old writing guru always told me: "Beware your last great idea, it can get in the way of seeing your next great idea."

3 categories: Plant, Animal and Human Impact on the Environment.
2 Age groups: 14 and below, 15 and above.

Like I said, more details at the link. Your deadline is 5 pm, Wednesday 2 September. Get shooting!

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