Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bring on the Rain

Did I really say that? 

Harbour Cone and Kiln

I guess I'm just a wee bit excited about my latest bit of kit.  Just a wee bit.   The other week I ordered a Matin waterproof jacket for my camera.  It's a medium - weight waterproof nylon with a vinyl window and drawstring for the lens. 

I got the medium size, which is supposed to fit a 300mm lens, but it fits my 70-200 with 2x adaptor just fine, as well as my shorter lenses.  This is the camo version but they make a white one too if you don't like the Rambo look. 
The vinyl window lets you check your screen, and it fits snugly around your viewfinder frame.  The rain is back, so this afternoon I took it and my new hat up the hill to the Sandymount road to check them out in the rain, and was pretty pleased.  No, I'm not showing you my hat.  This is one of my favourite bits of the Peninsula.  The low light and rain were a challenge, but on the plus side, in the different conditions, I started seeing new things in the landscape that I'd like to go and shoot again.  The rain creates little streams and surface reflections that work well as leading lines that just aren't there in drier conditions.  With my new kit, I'm ready to learn to see pictures in the rain now.
Harbour Cone and Kiln 2

I've also got my new watermark sorted, thanks to branding genius Nik Sweeney.

Soon I'll be ready to launch my new website, and then the new site for Southern Photo Guides.  Plenty to do, and as if that's not enough, I've begun writing a new science series for TVNZ 7 as well as starting work on a coffee table book for the Chamber of Commerce.  Happy times.

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