Thursday, August 25, 2011

Return of the Naval Aviator

Robbo and helmet

For those of you attending High School in Dunedin, that was my nephew Sub Lt Christiaan Robertston landing in your paddock in his navy Sea Sprite helicopter. The news article is here.

Yes, we're all proud of the boy Sub Lieutenant and his many deployments overseas, although female members of the family wish he would stop womanising in every port settle down with a nice girl some day. Us guys, we just want to see him fire that Maverick air-to-surface missile at something.

Naval aviator and girl in portJust to show his lighter side, here he is with yet another young woman (his cousin, Miss C(6)) on  a previous port visit. He often wears a heavy disguise to avoid angry fathers, jealous boyfriends and the flotilla of girls he seems to attract wherever he goes.

For a little more on the neph and his machine, check out this post of mine from December 2009.

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