Monday, July 4, 2011

Low Light, Little Camera, Big Lizards

A Mother's Love

Last weekend I forced myself to leave my DSLR gear at home for once and just take my little Canon G12 on a short family vacation to Auckland. It had served me well in the underwater housing during my white shark dive trip, but I hadn't really done much with it topside, apart from playing with its excellent macro function. One highlight of our weekend was to be the Walking With Dinosaurs show at Vector Arena, so I knew the G12 would be up for a good test. It didn't disappoint.

Brachiosaur Love T Rex

The lighting conditions were pretty low and we were a fair way up in the arena, so for much of the time I had the ISO cranked up to either 1600 or 3200 - places I very seldom go with my 7D or 5DII, while the lens was zoomed in to the max 5x 140mm equivalent. I have to say, I was impressed by the quality of the images it gave me. Almost as impressed as I was by the creatures and the show.

T Rex


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