Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Faces and spaces


The other day Mrs C asked for a bunch of my images to use for compliments and greeting cards for her business. She's a pretty good client, so I cut her a special deal: She gets to use my work and I get... certain considerations. They turned out so well I'm thinking of producing some for sale eventually. That's my favourite model Boog. I'm so disappointed that he's left town, the camera loves him... in all his altered states.

I've also been back to Dunedin Public Art Gallery to shoot promotional shots of some of their spaces for hire. Shooting rooms can be scary and challenging, but DPAG is one of my favourite clients, and any time I get to climb a ladder for a shot is a good time! This was an exercise in stability: perched up a ladder, attempting to get a hand-held low-light shot with an unstabilised lens. Never thought I'd be able to produce a sharp shot at 1/8 before, but it's amazing what you can pull off when you're really motivated.


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