Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Small But Perfectly Formed

Lemon Tree Cicada

I just snapped this little cicada out on my deck. I think they're handsome little bugs. I got the shot with my latest bit of kit, the Canon G12 point-and-shoot. It just arrived today, so it's too soon to report on a thorough shakedown, but I'm impressed by its macro capability already. It'll shoot from 1cm away. I'm looking forward to using it for those times where it's just not practical to carry my DSLR's. The small size and flip-out screen will help me get angles I can't with my bigger cameras.

I have just about filled my kit bag with everything I want, apart from a few accessories like filters and such. The last bit on my wish list should be arriving soon and thank goodness, it's time to start contributing to the family coffers!

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