Sunday, May 29, 2011

A little fishing

I've been itching for a little time off to do some recreational photography lately, but just haven't had the time, despite the awesome late autumn we've been having. Today though, I took a little time out today for a fishing expedition with Mrs C and Miss C(7).


Thought I'd play around with my new UW housing for the Canon G12 but the water was a little murky - not to mention cold - to get in and do a lot more than just a couple of shallow test shots. I'll just have to book a shark dive or something to give it a real shakedown.


But then I saw this.


A discarded carcass. I hate it when other anglers leave their mess around. Yes, I suppose it's just biomass being returned to the natural environment, but I'm sure it's better to bury your waste or at least fling it into the bush where it's not going to spoil anyone else's enjoyment. The clown who did this had to know that the place is also a drinking water reservoir for the city! Not a good look. So I decided to grab my other camera and work it into something with a bit more power. It could make a good bit of eco-ganda if you didn't know the real story.


In the end, I let Mrs C and Miss C(7) do all the fishing. I was happy enough with the pictures I'd caught.


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