Sunday, June 5, 2011

Marching with the Saints

Now and then I hear from my old collaborator Mike Thorsen who's now living on the island of St Helena with his wife Fran. We'll exchange words on each other's Flickr stream, or swap news about a new bit of gear we like the look of but can't possibly afford. It's the usual bloke's kind of conversation, just a few degrees above grunting and pointing, but it conveys plenty.

Now that they've been settled for a little while though, Mike and Fran are blogging about their time studying and protecting the island's incredibly fragile native flora, as well as a few other adventures: helping out with other wildlife surveys; shooting the odd wedding, or just learing about life among the Saints, as the locals are called.  It's a cool look at life on a tiny speck in the middle (and off to the right a bit) of the Atlantic Ocean.  Check out their Banzai Chicken Blog.