Sunday, May 15, 2011


It'll be another month or two before I'm clear of writing my book and can devote all my time to photography again, but I can't wait (of course I'm still for hire 24/7).  Meanwhile, I've been out doing some shooting for the book, getting shots of some historic business premises about town.

East of the Octagon

I've been going out at various times of day to experiment with different looks.


As winter approaches and the sun gets lower in the sky, sometimes it's harder to get good light on some buildings.  If some of the building is in direct sun, the disparity between highlights and shadows is often just too great for a good image.  Rather than boost the fill light slider in post or make a high dynamic range picture, I'll shoot the structure in low light early or late in the day.   The architecture isn't so defined, but its a natural look and the whole building is evenly lit by the low ambient without hard shadows and highlights. It does mean using a tripod, since sometimes the shutter speed is around 1/15th, but I tend to use the tripod for landscapes anyway, and I'm liking the results.

Crown Mill

The Bell Tea Co.>

I'm also liking my assistant/model Miss C(7).  Not only does she watch my gear when I'm working, she also acts as a useful model when I'm shooting playground equipment.

Market Reserve Play equipment>

And the best part is, she still works for milk shakes.

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