Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sixty Strangers

Sutherland Family Renata

Street photography can be a challenge for a number of reasons - busy pedestrian traffic, changing light conditions, and the fear of approaching strangers and asking to take their picture. Now chuck in the added complication of trying to do it with off-camera flash, and setting yourself a goal of sixty strangers in a morning.


That was the aim of my latest expedition. It's an example of the latest fad in photography called Street Strobism. Not easy to do on your own, so I've joined up with some other guys to form The Light Brigade, an informal photographic project group. "Sixty Strangers" was our first project together and as usual with my photography, it involved a steep learning curve and mixed results!


I actually enjoyed approaching people the most. Nearly everyone was happy to participate. I think we'll do it all again some time. Now that I've got the basics, it'd be nice to finesse the picture details - more creative exposure, backgrounds and posing strangers quickly.


Stay tuned for more Light Brigade projects!

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