Friday, January 6, 2012

The Tease

Fortune Theatre have just started to tease their 2012 season and I can reveal just a tiny bit of the shooting I did for them, so here are some pics I did for a few of the new productions:

The Tease

My first session was late last year, with the lovely Elena working as the poster girl for the season. I won't go into details about which play this shot was for - I'll just say everyone will find the topic... stimulating. Sexy was the keyword here, so I made liberal use of my ringlight adapter.


Then there was the nude shoot with six lovely and rather brave women. I'm sure I was more nervous about the whole thing, but it went very well and the final result will be very good. Rest assured that in the shot they used, my flashes actually fired. Big, flattering light sources for this one.


The last shoot for the season was today with veteran Kiwi actor John Bach. John worked super hard to get into the character for this shoot, so I think the play itself is going to be pretty intense. I shot John against black for this with plenty of rim light for intensity, then I picked up on the red splatter at his feet and we started working around that. I've got a feeling one of those improvised shots will be the keeper.

I always enjoy working with the gang at the Fortune. If the shoot was anything to go by, it's going to be another very entertaining year in Dunedin Theatre.

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