Sunday, February 27, 2011

Help Me Help Christchurch

Before the September earthquake last year I had the pleasure of walking around Christchurch, just talking to people and taking their pictures for a commercial job. On a busy weekday in the square, nearly everyone I approached was happy to help and generous with their time.

Just after lunchtime on Tuesday 22 February, I felt the house shake. I knew right away that another earthquake had hit Christchurch, 374 Km away.

As we know, the devastation was Biblical.  Their beautiful cathedral is rubble as is much of the city, many of its good people injured, homeless, dead or missing.

IMG_6887.jpg IMG_6918.jpg IMG_7108.jpg IMG_7088.jpg

If you were planning to visit New Zealand any time soon, please don't let this put you off. The rest of our beautiful country is unscathed and you'll find a very warm welcome here. But if you're not visiting any time soon, there's another way to see a little of our place and help Christchurch.

I'm selling some of my pictures (my landscapes - not the folks above) and donating to the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal. For details, click here.

You can follow the links to find some of my favourite pictures for sale. But if there are any pictures at all on my blog that you like, get in touch. For the month of March, you can buy anything you want here, and I'll donate on your behalf.


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