Friday, September 18, 2009

No Klicks, No Pics

The belt notch I'm currently using (and a few comments from Mrs C) have led me to the conclusion that photography is not good for my health. So I'm implementing a "No Klicks, no Pics" policy. That is, I have to travel at least a couple of kilometers under my own steam if I'm going out to take pictures now.

Harbour Cone and Flax 1

So the other day I set off on my mountain bike for Harbour Cone, a summit about 12 km from my place. Unfortunately, I had forgotten about lambing season and the track to the summit was closed. I didn't take any pictures, but am thinking I earned some credits with the 25 km ride, like a carbon emissions trading scheme. Yesterday I headed out in my vehicle for Alans Beach wildlife reserve, to get some shots of the peak from a different perspective, and yes, I walked plenty - my aching knees will testify to that.

I'd missed the golden hour light an hour either side of sunrise, but I got a few shots of the flax and reed vegetation in the reserve. I also snuck around trying to get close to some marsh harriers, but to no avail, even in my camo top. Lying in wait, I was snoozing in the reeds when I heard wingbeats close by, so by the time I had my camera in hand, all I got were some blurred shots of a bird flying somewhere else.

Dead Crab

The inlet is large and shallow, and I'm guessing on a sunny day the outgoing tide channel would be a pretty nice place for a swim. I got a shot of a dead crab in the sand, but on reflection, think I should have shot it a little looser for more space in the composition. Next time. On the way home I stopped at the boat sheds and did a little shooting there, but since they've already been done to death by local artists and photogs, I'm not sure I brought anything new to the party.

Red Shed

I also stopped to get a shot of my favourite ruin - Kerrs Farm. On the way I spied a harrier harassing a sheep - I mean really going at it. I got some shots but the action was so far off they're not worth sharing. Another one for next time. In line with my new scheme I plan to have a pedometer on board, and for my knees, some anti inflammatory drugs.

Kerrs Farm

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