Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Yeah yeah, it's been a while. It's all work, work, work in this new video business. Between that and fronting my band, I haven't had time for a lot of stills shooting. Hopefully that'll change this weekend - I'm off to the Warbirds over Wanaka event. Definitely some good photographic material to be had there. I'll also be staying on for some video shoots that'll hopefully generate me some good stills as well. So what have I shot lately? Well, I did happen to be at the Weet-Bix Tryathlon the other weekend.

  Athlete and Mother

It was a 7.30 am start so I managed to get a few nice sunrise shots of Miss C(8) getting ready to participate with her teammate, a friend from her violin class. I was a little concerned that after only doing a couple of leisurely bike rides as prep, Miss C(8) wouldn't get as much out of the event as her mate, maybe it would have been a bit of a wasted exercise for her. Boy was I wrong. She really got into it.


During the race, I got plenty of the action on my DSLRs and long lenses, but a lot of my favourite shots were taken into the morning sun using fill flash on an ordinary point and shoot. It's quick and easy to pull off and gives such a classy look.


So let me wax philosophical about what I learned from this for a moment: Photography is not about how fancy your gear is or how wonderful your prep is. So often it's about being there, just doing it and coming away with something to remember.

A lot like the Weet-Bix Try.

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