Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Landscape - step by step

Boulder beach sunrise

Today I finally got out for the dawn start I've been waiting for. The weather wasn't perfect, but I really want to start nailing my Peninsula landscape locations, and that just means going there again and again until I'm 100% satisfied I can put my clients onto great shots. I was actually a bit late for the best of the sunrise. I only just got there as the sky was reaching peak colour and after a few minutes it was gone. Still, I got a lot out of the visit.

Boulder beach sunrise

I keep returning to this spot because I've got some good shots here, but not yet the great ones I know there are. The problem is, I'm not sure what those shots are yet. My subconscious knows, that's why I'm attracted here, so I just need to spend more time until the pieces come together. Today it started. It's about bringing all the elements together - the right light, the great backdrop and the boulders. I need to go Strobist on the landscape. By the time this dawned on me the sunrise had peaked, but I did a few test shots with flash on camera anyway, just as a step in the right direction. Next time I'll be there earlier with a good plan, maybe a couple of light stands to get the flash off camera, experiment with some coloured gels and I'll be a step closer.

Boulder beach sunrise

Thanks to some great work by my friend Tourism Consultant James Hacon, Martin Bailey and I are ready to go live with our Southern New Zealand Photo Adventure. We're taking bookings here on Martin's site, so check out the details. It's going to be the trip of a lifetime.

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