Friday, April 16, 2010

The Asian

Heather Straka-2054

Yikes. Called into Dunedin Public Art Gallery yesterday to do some documentary shots of some exhibitions and it turned into an impromptu artist portrait session. Kind of blindsided me, but I got into it. This is artist Heather Straka and her exhibition "The Asian".

Heather Straka-2066

Not an easy part of the gallery to make pretty pictuers with. Not wides anyway. Ugly light sources in the ceiling. And Heather was of course, dressed all in black. Despite the lack of notice, I had an umbrella with me to light her from the right and put another flash camera left for fill. I'd have put it on-axis but wanted to avoid reflections on her glasses.

Heather Straka-2076

One of my last set-ups, I tried to get her China girl character peeking over her shoulder. Kind of like where that was going, but had so little time to do the kind of job I'd have liked to. Maybe next time. I'm really digging portratiture.

Heather Straka-2086


  1. is one of those images the one used in this weeks NZ Listener?

  2. No, they were done with a point and shoot by the curator. My stuff will be going into Art News. Fingers crossed for the cover.