Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Little Night Shoot

CPO Split Tone 1

Mike says he thinks this is "very Gotham city" and I have to agree. Feeling a little house-bound because of the weather, I decided to go out on a little night shoot with fellow Light Brigade photographer Mike Thorsen last night. It being summer, I kind of forgot it would be 10pm before things got dark, so we were in for a bit of a late night. I think we were both a little tired already, since we did about as much talking photographty as we did practicing it. There may even have been a couple of beers involved, but in our true intrepid style, we mooched around a couple of blocks near Princes Street and found some interesting stuff. I got to have a little more fun with my new 10-22mm lens. It's great for architecture, letting me get large buildings all in shot.

Shadow Boxing

I actually wish we'd had a model with us. Someone in one of these phone booths would have made the shot. It was just that kind of night for me - I kept seeing great backdrops, like this Wharehouse car park:

Rays and Reflections

Kind of modern-day noir. I converted the first and last shots here to grayscale before applying some split toning - trying to broaden my palette a little - the contrasty, saturated technicolor look is definitely my style, but I wouldn't like it to become a rut.

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