Monday, December 14, 2009

Love and Newtonian Optics

It was great to catch up with the nephew in Auckland, but the real reason for my visit was to attend and shoot my sister-in-law's wedding.

Unfortunately Auckland turned on some really dreary conditions all week, and we had to do the whole thing indoors. I stuck to two set-ups: Shoot-through umbrella for key and orbis for fill during the ceremony and for some group shots, and then just went with on-camera flash and a longer lens for candids during the reception.

Just before we sat down to eat though, the downpour eased to a mere shower, and I dragged Jane and Joe out to get this shot, complete with rainbow.

Jane & Joe

No time to really worry about posing or composition, let alone lighting, other than on-camera flash set to E-TTL. In post, I lowered the exposure on the background just a little, and slightly upped the saturation on that rainbow, but apart from that, this shot was just about having faith and being ready for something good to happen.

Bit like marriage, really.

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